About Us

Our Purpose

Consent was established in 2018 in response to growing demand from parents who feel their healthcare decisions are not being respected by professionals. Parents should be able to make reasonable choices without pressure from doctors or unnecessary state intervention. We are here to:

  • educate parents and medical professionals on law, policy, professional standards and best practice relating to parental rights and informed consent in the care and treatment of children
  • provide support to parents in making decisions relating to their child’s care and treatment
  • promote understanding of parental rights and informed consent between medical staff, social workers, parents and other relevant persons

Our Approach

We believe that most people act with good intentions and that the best approach to resolving conflict lies in fostering mutual understanding. Wherever possible we will do what we can to make medical professional see parents’ viewpoints and vice versa. Ideally both will gain a more balanced view on the situation, which will then also benefit others in the future. Where this is not possible, we will help parents understand their rights and support them in making the best possible decision.

Our Team

Oliver Müller


Sam Pereira


Merel Gijsen


Sarah Holdway